Accepting Risk Is The First Step To Creating Wealth  

  Forex Managed Accounts

The best Forex Managed Accounts are found at IndoForex. Our hand-picked managers provide excellent returns using non-correlated strategies thus providing our clients with best risk/return ratio available.

The links on the right provide full details of each Forex Managed Account including historic performance and application procedures.

  The New Asset Class

An astute investor will include as much diversification in there portfolio as possible. A typical portfolio will include the following asset classes: -

Mutual Funds
Hedge Funds
Cash Deposits

Every high net-worth investor should include at least 10% of their portfolios in Forex Managed Accounts. Why? Because they will add further diversification with no correlation!

Low risk, high returns
Uncorrelated returns to your stock or mutual funds portfolio’s.
Profit potential in both rising and falling markets.
Easy access to add or withdraw money anytime with no penalty.
No entry fee or sales charge
Your money is working for you 24 hours a day


Potential double-digit gains with low risk and no correlation to existing portfolios. Remember... Accepting risk is the first step to wealth!!


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